Predator and Prey

Predator and Prey

Predator and PreyChristopher Golden | Pocket Books | 3133-13-33 | 316 pages | English | PDF,MOBI,EPUB,LIT,RTF,LRF,HTML,TXTJack Dwyer has a new enemy…a vicious, ravenous beast brings a new dimension of terror to the third in Christopher Golden’s spectacular dark fantasy series. Ever since his best friend Artie was brutally murdered by the savage predators known as Prowlers, Jack Dywer has been able to see and communicate with ghosts. Now Artie, along with other spirits who inhabit the limbo known as the Ghostlands, helps Jack in his quest to track down and eliminate the Prowler threat. But Artie’s latest information is startling: The Ghostlands itself is under threat from a new and terrible entity known only as the Ravenous. The Ravenous is stalking the inhabitants of the Ghostlands and destroying them. Those who fall prey to it suffer the ultimate death. For them, there is no longer the chance to move on or be at peace. There is only oblivion. So many times the spirits have helped Jack hunt down or escape the Prowlers. Now it is his turn to save them from the Ravenous — if he can do so without endangering himself. For Jasmine, the Prowlers’ new leader, has ordered her pack to wipe out Jack and his allies at any cost. Jack needs Artie to help him keep the vengeful Prowlers at bay. But the Ravenous is on Jack’s trail, and contact with the Ghostlands will lead the supernatural killer straight to him. His links with the dead are a double-edged sword — and Jack is not sure whether he can avoid being cut…Download**** No Mirrors below, please! Follow Rules! ****

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